Intercultural Competence to act on in the future

YouCan Trust (NPO) takes care of development and individual support for young adults under the premise of International Understanding. We hope that we contribute with our programs to Intercultural Competence as a key skill as well as to Intercultural Dialogue.

We like to answer questions and we welcome your input. Ideas for exchange and cooperation are always welcome! Feel free to contact us…

University of Jena - faculty intercultural business communication Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten

Development of an evaluation process for the iiCamp at the University of Jena in Germany

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten YouCan Trust is developing their own guidelines on quality assurance for the iiCamp.

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iiCamp in Japan

Intercultural Innovation Camp in Japan now

The Intercultural Innovation Camp is currently held in Tokyo, Japan.

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Recognition of iiCamps at the University of Vienna

In my opinion Intercultural Innovation Camps are a splendid idea and great initiative.
[Prof. Dr. Manzenreiter, University of Vienna]

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Intercultural Innovation Camp 2013 in Cambodia

The program for the next Intercultural Innovation Camp in Cambodia is fixed.

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Conference for recognition of non-formal learning experience in the international youth work

The international conference strengthened our assessment, that a verification procedure such as the “Certificate of Competence International” gets more and more important in terms of non-formal learning.

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iiCamp 2016

The program for the Intercultural Innovation Camp 2016 is online.



2012 - Winner Competition Focus, spiecial price in category sciences.

Focus Schülerwettbewerb 2012 | Siegerehrung Sonderpreis Technik und Wirtschaft

2011 - Winner of the Kudos Award, App Circus - Mobile Monday.

Kudos Award 2011 - best App Mobile Monday

Proof of Competence International

Participants of the iiCamp can request an engagement certificte, issued by the Federal Government of Germany’s department for youth activities.

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